Will taking a Financial Modeling Course help with ER?

I am currently debating whether to take the Fin Modeling Course at my local society, I am wondering whether this course will a) look good on the resume when I apply to ER internships b) actually help perform on the job thank you !


I don’t know if it’s worth spending your own money on. Certainly, if you join a BB (or decent-sized bank) out of undergrad (I did), then they will provide all this training. In fact, I got over two weeks of pure modelling training (8am-10pm, 6 days a week), that would have made your day-course look like child’s play. Had I taken this course, it would only have made the first few days’ training easier. If you join a boutique bank or fund manager, you might not have this sort of ‘industrialised’ training programme. But, overall… My feeling is that you should not bother. A one day course is not worth $425. When you start working and playing around with proper models in a vocational setting, you will pick it up very quickly.

Well, there are self study programs like Wall Street Prep (90 hours) and Deal maven I/II (90 hours) that give you CPE hours and a modeling certificate you could try. They run to around 400 USD.