Will the regular CFA curriculum books and practice questions at the end of each chapter be sufficient?


I am currently 19 years old and Im preparing for my CFA Level 1 aside from my business administration degree. I have loved finance for the past 3 years, and I am more of an intermediate level finance person (this means I have already worked some internships for M&A firms, been part of buy and build modelling)

I am currently preparing for November exam. I already pay lots in college tuition for my university and therefore I did not want to pay another 2k for summaries. I would rather use that 2k for an exam attempt. Since im not a total beginner and I skim through the books very quickly (currently at volume 2) Will the CFA regular books be enough, or do I really need the Qbank from Kaplan? In my college study, I have already learned the Time value for money, Macro and Micro economics, Statistical methods (p-value ■■■■), Calculus, Management and Financial accounting/analysis. So I have good grounds of study,

Also I read the curriculum itself, including all theory. I love to really understand the underlying dynamics of the things I study. Is this a total waste of time? Or according to the many time I still have left, it should be okay.

Thanks for helping me in advance.

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Don’t worry those’re totally enough.