Will they reconsider the job offer?

Here is my situation. I got an investment banking job last year at a boutique bank through the recruiting season at my undergrad university. I turned it down, and now work at Bank “ABC” doing trade support. At the time, I couldn’t take the IB job, because of personal family issues. Do I have any chance to get that job back? I would like to call the VP at the boutique IB and see if anything is available. I am willing to go through the whole interview process again. If so, what do I say and how should I come across when I call him? Thanks

I don’t see any reason to prevent you call the IB back. But when you call, please state the following: 1. why you want quit your current job and move to IB? 2. What was the reason you rejected them before and is this situation happened? 3. Your strong strong interest to work for them. Try to convince them that you are not someone just jumps around.

anything’s possible but i think this is a pretty low probability shot. a lot of the major investment banks have their hiring on hold, and in fact, several of the major IB’s recently began laying off their bankers over the last couple of weeks. if i were in your situation, i would have asked the bank at that time if they could defer your offer since you had family circumstances to deal with…but rather than dwelling on the fact that there is a huge difference between IB and trade support, you should just do everything you can to reiterate your interest in the job and hope they’ll give you another chance. also, make sure you have a really good reason why you would turn down investment banking for a trade support position. just don’t bank on getting the IB offer, but do your best.