Will this job get me there? Advice please...


I am in need of your thoughts and advice. A little about my background: I have been in a corporate development role in Canada for a while 8 years. While my work does entail some financial work and strategy development, am keen on expanding my skill set with a view into securing a job in the private equity field. The field is pretty competitive here in Canada and I have had mixed results looking for a job there. Unfortunately, neither the CFA nor CAIA Charter has been much help for me without the direct relevant experience. I am now in my very early 30’s and really looking for a place to grow in a very focused direction, hence my desire to avoid any misadventures.

I recently got an offer for a Private Debt Analyst position (please see some of the job duties below). The job contains some exposure into PE, Infrastructure and of course private debt. I was wondering if this is an attractive entry point into the private equity world or its purely a “back office” type of gig that would typecast me and make it even harder to transition into PE.

I will appreciate any feedback, especially from those members of the forum who reside in Canada and have had exposure to the private equity world.

  • Review financial statements received from portfolio Funds and direct investments
  • Verify internal valuations and prepare attribution reports.
  • Minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in the accounting, investment or portfolio management industry
  • Excellent financial analysis skills and knowledge of computer-based analysis and modelling
  • Ability to investigate, analyze the trends and directions of companies’ financial results

Don’t think this will get you there as it sounds like only monitoring. You want to get in on the origination side.