Will we see F-test, chi-square, difference of means, paired comparisons tests?

from doing qbank, it seems like a much larger portion of these quant questions are about the z and t distributions. i feel i may not be getting enough practice with the above-mentioned hypo tests. how is everyone tackling this aspect?

I’d welcome it seeing as I had to take a few statistic classes in undergrad and have a firm understanding. I see what you’re saying though about the qbank, I just took a quant test no more than an hour ago. I seem to recall someone from the Dec. Exam saying that there weren’t alot of questions dealing with t-tests. I’d prepare for anything though. Focus on what the LOS is asking, if it is asking for a calcuation then you better know the formula.

I think QBank has the proportion right for L I. On L II, there is much more model-building stuff and you will have quite enough F and chi-square tests. Expect lots more questions about z and t than F and chi-square. I might not even bother with difference in means vs paired comparison as the expected number of questions on the test is like 1 so study time may not be as well spent as learning all your acocunting ratios for the tenth time.

So should we not memorize the formulas for the difference in the means / mean differences tests? The LOS says “Identify the appropriate test statistic and interpret the results.” I’m not sure if that would require the formula to interpret…

I would never tell you not to memorize something (esp. not something in statistics) but it’s probably not really important.