Will Windsor be empty this year?

Curious if people were going to go to Windsor and now are backing out because of the economy

hmm I think i might be there …

One of the few things left my co will pay for. I’ll be there (assuming I’m still working). Honestly I’d rather be cut a cheque and given the time off though, we’ll see if I can sell that!

I am not sure, want to but seems a good time to have lean budget

Surprised they havent lowered the price esp since Schweser cut back

did schweser lower thier prices ??

They didnt lower their prices and they took away the hard cover secret sauce they gave out for free

So I guess the turnout will actually be decent

I plan on being there.

Anybody know anything about a similar review course in North Carolina ? I’m not sure if it is provided by Schweser but I heard its a programme with better amenities .

That went out of business

I’ll be there.

I am going to Dallas 5 day