will you pass

Hi Guys, as the exam date is impending closer and closer , i am (a) loosing momentum (b) also lacking confidence to pass the exam constantly thoughts come to my mind , will i pass or repeat next year or drop the idea of doing cfa. so far i have covered most of material left only with fsa and economics. if there anyone out there having same odd felling/thoughts as me

You’ve got plenty of time left to study. I’ve only just started FSA and I have to do the other subjects beyond that as well, and I’m not thinking like that yet. Just do a lot of practice questions on the areas you have covered and you’ll gain more confidence.

I am failing for sure… may be give my best shot @ JUNE

As a Dec repeat, you guys all have PLENTY of time, especially if you have Schweser. Plenty of people passed in June who began in March. I began in Januauary and the irony is crazy. Buy Schweser if you’re worried, and you’ll all be fine.

none of you guys will pass just my 2 cents

thanks for the moral support equity_research_nds!! hahahahahha

you welcome

how far have you reached my friend ~~~~~~~~~~

level1_dec Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how far have you reached my friend ~~~~~~~~~~ ============================================ was that for me?

yes mate

Hi guys - new on the forum… So far so good- towards the end of quant at the moment, and have absorbed everything pretty thoroughly so far; sticking mainly to the CBOK, and less on schweser. I’m lucky enough to have pretty much zero commitments between now and the exam, so able to hit it hard… hopefully it’ll pay off in december - I don’t want to be repeating!

I started studying 10 days ago and already went through one book. Will I pass? yeah, if I dont burn out before…

I have the same feeling as level1_dec - losing momentum… getting more anxiety 'cause Dec. is not the month we can count on. Literally we only have about three full months left. I did not start FSA; Quant. and Economics yet but soon will. I took these classes in a different language before so hopefully some basic conpects still stay with me. Let’s encourage each other and fight till end.

You only need a couple weeks to study really.

absolutely. I am right on target to finish all the readings by October 31, leaving 1 month for review. My advice is do 3 hrs a day, for 5 days a week, and a 4-5 hour session on sundays. anything more than 3hrs a day during the week has been fatiguing for me (due to work etc)

CFA_Werewolf Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you welcome You sure post a lot of negativity in this forum. It’s really very annoying, only matched by your grammar. back to the subject: I’ve known a lot of people who say they are going to fail an exam or do poorly - and sadly, they always do. A lot of people make statements like “I’m gonna fail” or “I’m gonna kill myself” - but those are just jokes about stress really. The point is - you simply cannot think that way. It’s hard to get out of it when you are in a stream of inconfidence, but really try your best. I don’t know what to recommend, because people are different - some people just need to drink less coffee, some need more discipline in their schedules, some people just need to listen to more Dimmu Borgir - who knows! But find what works for you and do that. Life does not forgive weakness.

I recommend 3-4 hours a day during work, since you have to be there anyway…

I definitely need more discipline in my study schedule… right now I don’t feel worried or stressed out at all… I think a little bit MORE stress for me would help! I agree with stig - stay positive & keep studying! There’s still three full months left & a lot can be learned in that amt of time! If you keep thinking you’re going to fail & you’ll just rewrite in June (or not at all), then you’ll just give up! Keep going, try your hardest & do the best you can! : D

STIG ~ my friend, but if a person says ‘I WILL PASS’, he/she will be overconfident and not keep up with the proper hardship and hence fail.

lot depends on this long weekend :slight_smile: