Will you shave or just go bald ?

Although I am using minoxidil I see more and more of my hair on my pillow everyday I wake up.Ofcourse all those hair transplants are for gays and low self confidence guys and I am not a big or even a small fan of wigs so I guess in 5 years I will be left with :

  1. Becoming bald and having hair on the sides of my head
  2. Shaving the whole

I am thinking more and more about number 2.Anybody in my situation ?I

Yeah I started balding up front pretty early. I didn’t have enough hair to be a transplant candidate so I shaved it, not completely bald but to a #2 electric trimmer level (1/4 inch). I’m glad I have the build and head shape to pull it off.

Balding is for hacksaws.

I worship dutasteride.

Seems like shaving your head has become a trend, so I won’t do it.

Also, too skinhead creepy, unless you’re Brian Eno or captain of the Enterprise.

^My wife stops me from taking those meds,she says although it claims the side effects are moderate anything somehow manipulating your hormones is nothing to be taken lightly




^ You should delete this account, and come back as a smart person.

embrace that $h!t

I probably wouldn’t shave it with a razor but definitely keep it short and well groomed. Nothing is worse than a balding guy not accepting the fact that he’s actually bald.

Something I don’t need to worry about anytime soon. More than one barber has remarked upon how thick my hair is, and I’m in my early 40s. Knock on wood.

But how about how to deal with going gray? I keep my hair cut short, so the gray I have doesn’t show as much. I intend to go gray naturally and not fool with any coloring.

^Gray or ‘peppered’

My wife digs the graying.

If I was in your shoes and had a full head of hair I’d probably get it dyed. Only because I’m vain.

In a good salon they can dye your hair and leave the slight trace of gray to look very natural.

So you enlarged your prostate in order to shrink it with Avodart and regrow your hair?

I’ve noticed a few grey hairs popping up in my beard. I’m sort of light brown with red highlights (some even call me blond, but I’s only east-coast-blond, I’d never pass for blond on the west coast).

Anyway, to me, they’re not grey hairs, they’re just “extra blond.”

I know who the baldies are voting for.



I was standing a few people away from Trump when the US Open was at Shinnecock some years ago. His hair is truly impressive in person.

Please shave it. It’s better to shave it and look cool and confident than leaving the hair on the side like a bible character.