Will Z tables be provided in the exam?

… or do they only test on the well known Z values like 1 , 2 , and 3 (68% , 95% , 99%) that we should commit to memory?

No, you have to memorize the entire Z and T tables along with the Chi square and F tables. It is a lot, but you can do it!

know when to use z/t scores, know how to interpret them etc etc. there wasn’t one on the mock, but I can’t say for sure. One would think if so there’d be one on the mocks exams

I think they do provide it, if not I hope they just test on the well known Z values.

The better question is, if someone said no…would you memorize them… My answer, yes…I would totally do it, as long as someone held a gun to my head the entire time…

They will not give you a table, you will get actual Z values on each question. They will give you more than what you need i.e…make sure you know if you are doing a two tail or one tail test…you will see both z or t values

hypothesis testing = shoot me now I’m likely to have the same shot at these questions without the tables. keep your stinkin tables. guess what I’ve been working on tonight. ARGH!

no need to remember at all.

You might need to memorize the main values such as 2.58, 1.96 & (I don’t remember the other one!)

last time i took the exam there was a z table in the bathroom, and we all had to take turns to go and have a look at it.

Stalla recommends memorizing 5: Z Confidence Interval _______________________________ 1 68% 1.645 90% 1.96 95% 2.58 99% 3 99.7%