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Only for those analysts who already work with coding solutions. Your typical XL-grunt will still be better off copy-pasting FS-data from the Bloomberg add-in. However, I don’t see the value added in XBRL since many other languages already let you import and handle FS-data as data frames and matrices (e.g. the quantmod pack in R). The only upside I see is that it XBRL basically creates a panel with additional attributes, such as different language titles, for each cell, thus creating a more rich document.

I’ve been trying to figure out if I can use XBRL. I’ve been meaning to get back into coding (haven’t done it since highschool) and it seems like it may be an incentive to get into it.

And who uses Bloomberg anymore! Factset all the way

FactSet is good, but they still have to figure some things out.