Wilshire Associates

Hi, does anybody know any detaile about Wilshire Associates? Especially info like their reputation, career prospects, work culture, etc. If anybody has any info about their private equity practice (Wilshire Private Markets) would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Wilshire has a decent enough reputation The main perk of working there is the sweet office location in Santa Monica Several people in my company came from Wilshire and seem to be doing well I also know one guy who did 3 years there, then went to CBS, and is now a hedge fund analyst in LA. He had MBA/CFA by age 26. Don’t know anything about PE practice - not too many people involved with PE on this forum. Maybe try ibankingoasis.com Good luck.

There are a few Wilshire Associate employees on Doostang. They could probably give you a better picture of life there.

Many thanks guys for your posts! Much appreciated!

I once interviewed for quality analyst - majority of work was QUALitative rather than quantitative (for that particular position). Turned it down. Pay was in the range of $40K start out of school, 2 years ago. Office is nice, location is great (corner of arizona and ocean in santa monica?), but Santa Monica isnt cheap and I wasn’t impressed by the start. I just took a finance internship that will net me more than wilshire’s entry level paid 2 years ago. They have some attractive quasi entry level positions on their site right now - fixed income analyst and consulting (where they expect you to be on your way to earning the charter). Place seems chill from what I rememebr - a perfect place to camp out for a couple years while you study for the exams and take any other coursework you may want. Hope that helps.

Hi Reefkill - also thanks for your input. It helps. I’m having the possibility to join them and I’m trying to figure out how regarded the Company is - in terms of exit options to both other market players and top MBAs.