Windows 7

This is kind of a watershed moment for MSFT. If this thing sucks (which I bet it will) MSFT is pretty vulnerable. It sure looks to me like it is just an expansion of offerings of unreliable, limited function utilities on top of an operating system that is byzantine and needs a complete rework. How long are people going to keep using this stuff? I’m just about done.

If history is any guide it might not suck. They usually follow up a dud with something usable. Remeber Windows ME? Totally terrible then they follow it up with 2000, which was pretty solid. I don’t know any thing about Windows 7 though.

Results show that windows 7 is MUCH better than Vista. Vista was never bad to begin with it was only “perceived” as bad because Apple is an empire built on extracting premiums for branding and marketing. The hardware is the same, the coding is different, which only benefits people in high end graphics, even so they are using Intel CPUs now and PCIe (2.0?) architecture, which is the same for any PC computer GFX card. Apple is a good marketing company, I’ll give them that. but I wouldn’t place all my eggs in that basket, that’s for sure especially when you can get a similar performing PC for cheaper, much cheaper. When MSFT makes the beta release public, they are confident about the product. And the numbers and impressions seem to back it up:

my husband says window 7 is based on window vista with improvements… people will keep using it until there is a real alternative. despite the poularity of apple macs … it is not a viable option for business. we use both at home. but more macs these days.

My computer friends say that Win 2000 was really just Windows NT with a facelift, and that the NT part was what gave it stability. ME was Win98 with a white startup screen, which is a bit like painting cow patties green to show that the field is fresh. Apple did a full rewrite of it’s software to produce OS X, although it built on top of NeXT and Unix. If Windows 7 is a complete rewrite, maybe it will be better, but it may take time to work out the bugs that inevitably work their way in.

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