Windsor week

Just signed up for the Shweesser Windsor week - any one here going? Any advice on how to make the most of it from people who have gone before?

Notes below, I find this to be a really good CFAI type study schedule including 4 week review prior to the exam. Integrate with Schweser Qbank and Practice Exams and supplement Schweser study notes for areas of difficulty.l [You’re working and cannot study full time] • first of all, avoid the ‘bully’ strategy (ie. studying a lot, incl. taking holidays, right before the exam, and not long before) instead prefer studying constantly a couple hours every days (wake up one hour earlier and sleep one hour later) and more intensively the week end, during a longer period (learned content will go to long-term memory rather than short-term memory) • register as soon as possible (ie. september) to get the best discount! • start studying 31 weeks prior to exam date • try to learn 2 study sessions every 3 weeks (ie. 1.5 week per study session), ie. 18 * 3 / 2 = 27 weeks. For some sessions, one week will be enough, for others two weeks might be necessary (esp. if you’re under hard time at work) hint: try to go a little bit faster than 1.5 week per study session since you might need the equivalent of 4 standalone weeks to review already finished books each time you finish a new book • use the last 4 weeks to: 1. review all summaries from all books 2. redo all exercices from all books 3. perform mock-exams 4. review your areas of weaknesses (identified with mock-exams and redone exercices) 5. perform sample exams 6. review all summaries from all books 7. you’re ready! Whatever your profile is (full time|part time), you should try your best to avoid ‘learn & forget’ effect. Do the following: • study regularly (every days – even if it’s just to review already learned content) • prior to starting your new readings, review the (summary of) last 3 readings (ie. a moving average) • each time you finish a book, review all readings within all previously finished books (recently finished one included) • redo all the exercises from the entire book finished right before recently finished book Do your best not to be late on your schedule, otherwise it will hard to catch up. Well, that being said, good luck.