Winners Never Quit?

Did anyone catch the Essay in the last Sat (8/16/08) NY Times on page C 5, titled “Winners Never Quit? Well, Yes, They Do.” Although contrary to the spirit of this forum, it’s something many disappointed CFA candidates like myself have to be asking themselves. Some highlights - * “Winners do quit. they just quit the right stuff at the right time” The trick is to know when it’s right to walk away and when not to. * In many cases, moving from a difficult goal to another more attainable, can create a greater sense of well-being. * Those who could not renounce hard-to-attain goals showed increased levels of inflammatory molecule C-reactive protein, linked to health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and early aging. * If you pursue a constantly frustrating goal, you could be less successful in other life areas. * A Harvard professor ran an experiment involving an auction for $20 bill, the winner got the bill, the second highest bid had to pay the amount of their bid and got nothing in return. Most people dropped out at $12 leaving two people to slug it out. The highest recorded bid was $204. People played not to lose. There is a huge amount of social and psychological forces keeping people from quiting. * If you’re going to quit, the best way to do so is to substitute another new goal. * The worst time to quit is when you feel the most pain (like now!), few drop out of a marathon at the beginning or end, the worst time is the middle, so plan for it. * Ends with quote from W.C. Fields - If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.

Thanks for the post kellyima, I’m going thru the rather agonizing process of deciding whether to take a break for a year or do it again next June. these are decent points to consider.

kellyima, I read this very interesting proverb, some time ago: Some people change their ways when they see light, others when they feel the heat!! I hope you are able to relate to this.