Winning Streak

Had a good result with the CFA results yesterday. I’m hoping to keep that going. Here’s what I’ve done so far. I’d be curious to hear about you guys as well, I know there aren’t many, but there are a few of you out there. Using Schweser So far: 1. I did one quick reading of the whole curiculum over two days 2. I did one slower reading - taking notes on index cards. 3. I just completed one very slow reading of curiculum underlining, and adding to the index cards. Answered all the questions at each chapter usually 100 percent correctly (although they are quite easy). Next: I will start practicing on q-bank a bit and work up to a practice test probably next week. From there I will assess how close I am. I think I’m actually quite ahead of the curve on this. It does not to be that difficult to master the material.

Wow… you have got me dipressed - Your username suggests that you are in India? I have just completed my first pass of the readings - Only Schweser material. Highlighted all that was important. Hit me up on - Lets get in touch!