Wise words from Carl Schweser, for all of you who pass L3 this Tuesday

The man is a class act. Hopefully this will inspire all new charter holders to keep things in perspective and not obsess solely with $$$


When I was studying for the Level I exam I took a 2-day review course in mid-May.

Carl Schweser taught the class.

Shit was deep right there

Hmmm… support the 99pc. by charging them '000 $'s in their attempt to better their lives?

Whatever happened to the days when wealthy people discreetly gave money back to society rather that publicly begging to be taxed more?

I understand the point you are trying to make, and I do agree. Mind you both Gates, Buffet and many more wealthy individuals with progressive social ideals are pushing for a macro policy change. They do have the platform/audience to do that, therefore it is one method of going about it and affecting change.

That is pretty cool! :open_mouth:

Carl Schweser’s a class act.

When Carl retired, Andy Temte took over as president of Schweser, and is still in charge of the Schweser materials at Kaplan.

Andy taught my Level II and Level III reviews.

He’s a class act, too.