Wish me luck, please

^ if he gets that PhD he can most certainly attend the playa haters ball.

Good Luck S2000magician!

The White House responded to the Death Star petition a few years ago.

Good luck my friend! wink

You made it kid you made it

Best wishes Magician! As someone above said, the students would be the gainers!

blank space reserved

But… why don’t you just get a PhD? It seems like you have every other hobby already.

I’m looking into it.

Average time in mathematics is 5 years, so it’s a long-term goal.

In the interim, I want to get back to teaching university mathematics.

Best of luck.

You were excellent at explaining things to people in this forum.

I hope you get the job!

What’s the matter with teaching accounting?

Mathematics is so hacksaw.

Best of luck!

I was?

_ WAS _?

When, exactly, did I _ stop _ being excellent at explaining things?

It’s less exciting; therefore, it’s less enjoyable.

Says the guy who lives in a garbage can.


AHAHAH I am sorry for the grammatical error.

Sounds really wrong surprise

@S2000 - Have you ever considered teaching English Composition?

_ B O R I N G ! _

(Translation: “No I haven’t, but thanks for the idea. I’ll consider its merits carefully.”)

It can also have to do with accreditation.

And yes, correlation between terminal degree and teaching ability is pretty low except in the highest-level classes.

I realize you don’t have the necessary credentials, but I assume the standard advice applies no matter the new venture, so just let them know you’re following the rules and you should be set.

  1. The lord loves a working man.

  2. Never trust whitey.

  3. If you catch something, see a doctor and get rid of it.

Today I got the official e-mail that Chapman’s hiring me to teach two classes in the Fall!

Awesome possum!

I have to fill out a bunch of paperwork (employment application, background check) and get official transcripts sent to Chapman, but it’s essentially a done deal.

This is so cool!

(By the way, I’ll be teaching Calculus with Applications in Business and Social Science. It’s not my favorite course – it’s not anybody’s favorite course as most of the students resent having to take it – so my goal is to make it as enjoyable for the students and myself as possible. I want the other professors to be jealous that they didn’t get to teach these two courses this Fall.)