Wish me luck, please

Chapman University in Orange, CA is looking for an assistant professor of mathematics for the Fall semester. The job requirements include the possession of a PhD which I, alas, do not have. Today I met with the head of the math department for about 45 minutes. He suggested that I apply for the position even though I likely won’t get it. He also said that he’s going to see about getting me hired as an adjunct to teach math in the Fall. And, finally, he suggested that I apply for their PhD program. It would be in computational and data science (not algebraic topology, unfortunately), but would put me in great standing to teach there full time. Wish me luck! (The campus is about 15 miles from my home, and one mile from my favorite deli, which I’ve been patronizing for just over 40 years.)

I wish you best of luck. Your students would learn great things from you.


Go ahead Magician, you can do it!

All the best Magician! We are with you!!

PhD is overrated. 26 year olds become professors these days but can’t teach **** all.

My friend went to Chapman, seems like a decent school. Good luck!

top 2 or hacksaw!!!

JK good luck S2K yes



for a math genius like S2M…

You should watch this movie if you are into theorem and that type of stuff…

Just tell them you saw The Fourth Kind and you understand the university’s important work in documenting the alien abduction events in Nome, Alaska. Should be a slam dunk.

Believe it or not you are one of the two people on this forum who inspired me to do math. Best of luck future professor, go easy on the students will ya.

Why not ask the department head (or some other vetted professor) if he or she can give you an oral exam, similar a PhD qualifier (except on relevant material for the position), to see if you’re up to snuff on what they’d want you to teach as an assistant professor?

Then, give them the razzle-dazzle…

Good luck!

Good luck S2K.

The PhD requirement is more about marketing for the school. % of faculty that have PhD is a noted statistic in school rankings.

You’re spot on.

why not just ask everyone at AF to vouch for you? We can sign a petition, as we are the smartest people in the world.

Good luck, man!

Good luck to you! You can do it.

If we start a petition asking President Obama to intervene, he has to respond if we get 100,000 signatures, right?

Playa Hatin Degree