With the exception of Blinxbuckles, this is what happened

Before and after the exam, there were several candidates who felt confident they’ll pass. Among those, Blinxbuckles was the ONLY one who had smart posts in this Forum. The remaining League of Extra Confident Candidates (LECC) , had just average contributions. Most of those didn’t pass.

Many other AFers had valuable and smart contributions, but non of them said that she/he were confident of passing. Most of those have passed.

I believe the first group have overestimated their command of the material and underestimated CFA.

  • 50% of CFA exam questions are straightforward. They are variations of questions from past exams, BB, and EOC. These are testing the general knowledge of the subjects.

  • approx 20% are new fresh questions. They’re either from new added topics, or contains a major twist in the structure of the question

  • approx 30% are dangerously close to familiar questions (past, BB, EOC), yet they ask for something different. Miss one word and you’ll miss the whole question

This is your 100%, how you’ll reach the 70%?

There’s a false assumption that you’ll get partial credits if you write “something close enough”. Well, if your answer is leading to the right direction, then you’ll get partial credits; but if you missed the essence of the question, you missed it all.

The more I studied for the exam, the more I realized how many ways CFAI could screw us up. It was a 3 months long humbling process. This feeling, made me in anticipation of different tricks/alterations/surprises in the exam. If I was overconfident, I would be satisficed (eh) by one-dimensional shallow repetitive mocks practices.

Galli was the ideal well balanced candidate.

This is a good math: 300hrs of quality studying is > 500hrs of repetitive studying

Hubris will kill you, unless you’re Blinxbuckles

This post could have been made without belittling other candidate’s performance especially after they just went though a difficult time with their results

I didn’t mention any name of whomever were over-estimating themselves. But thanks for your courage and exposure.

“belittling candidate’s performance” this is an example of being incapable of understanding the context. No partial credits.

To end in a positive note: overconfidence is cute.

the number of contributions that people bring to the forum doesn’t speak to their confidence. i was 99% confident I would pass and I did (with a matrix for which the AM score would be enough for a pass).

I wouln’t suggest to any candidate to follow on Galli’s path. His matrix looked incredibly close to the matrices of failing candidates. If anything, it’s adam.runk strategy, the guy with 500 bullet points, that people should follow. Put in 600 hours and leave the curve in the dust.

^ Galli was consistent in his feedback, contributions, answers, questions,… Others were to either of the extremes. Some had the wisdom of retakers. Some were super hard workers. Some were delusional

Still, I see the main issue is that many candidates were average, but 2 months before the exam they thought they already nailed it. This is risky

Glad we dont have to worry about cfa confidence games anymore.


Special thanks to you Audacious. Also to CGY5478 and MGR250. A few months ago you called me out as a lazy farmer sleeping too much - that made me pick up my game from studying 2-3 hours a day to 6 hours during the final phase. Could not have done it without that effort. Thanks again! You really motivated me and i needed to thank you!


that is too lazy. But as you passed, this is so effective use of time. I liked that.


Are we talking about tyler?..

Also, did June06 pass?

not Tyler. I believe Tyler should have passed. But it was a matter of bad luck. He deserves it more than few others.

Edit: June06 did pass. He didn’t need to come back as June04

Congrats! It’s a blessing that we dont have to go through that again.