Due to several constraints, I haven’t been able to make it to study at all this year. So finally I have decided to withdraw. All the best guys for your exams. I am going to be back for 2011. Thanks.

Happened to me last year. Look at this as a reason to start early for 2011. Don’t give up.

@Amit, Mail me at anupamjain008@gmail.com - Would like to discuss something.

Why withdraw ? The test experience alone got to be worth something? Passing or failing is a coin toss anyway , 2010 or 2011

I did the same thing last year, but I still went to take the exam. Twas very helpful just to read the exam, which was SUPER HARD

i would imagine it seemed super hard because you were unfamiliar with the material, right? or was it super hard compared to EOC questions?

Amit, i would say you still take the test and make the best of the sunk cost. If i recall from one of your previous posts, you are in singapore. I am in singapore too, we could be in touch. My email is srastogi999 at yahoo.com.

I do not hope for anybody to register for this exam and miss it! a failing grade is better than no grade at all. don’t make pulling out very cheap for yourself, next year is always more expensive. ‘‘Factors’’ that necessitated postponement may come back next year.

I was considering a deferment but since that is not possible I also have an option to withdraw but I have not withdrawn.

Why would you withdraw when you can’t get your money back?