believe whatever you want, but my sources are saying there are many domestic attacks planned in response to arrests. Expect arrests as early as tonight. Be safe!


Didn’t we agree no link posts like this outside the turd woke thread?

this is a news article about a charlotte flight controller who was arrested for possession of a weapon of mass destruction. thought people would be interested in hearing about this but maybe i underestimated the intentional obliviousness of the group here.

A) Charlie, if you’re going to link it to your sources and theories, it should probably go in your stay woke thread.

B) By itself, this is interesting. Airport employees are generally pretty well versed in security protocols, so why would he not report the device being given to him? Also, why is it being called a weapon of mass destruction? Generally, pipe bombs fall under generic explosive device laws, not newer WMD laws.

Edit: In this article, the builder and air traffic controller are called room mates. Reading between the lines, that’s probably why it wasn’t reported…