Woman harasses Trump Supporter, gets kicked off plane. Passengers cheer


ehh… I feel sorry for the husband.

i dont get it, why does the husband have to leave?

Should have stuck with ranting about it on message board like some of us do (not me).

Oddly therapeutic.

Do we need a thread for every incident like this?

Cali or Oregon?

^ Oregon.

The guy got a whole row to himself now, yay.

He handled himself very well. 'Atta boy!

One point i hear reiterated over and over again is the environmental effects of a trump admin. The lack of acknowledgment of climate change and keystone pipes are prime examples of such. Yet, if you look at the progress we have made with the epa, or legislation, to thwart this, it isn’t impressive whatsoever and should be changed.

LOL. Can’t really hear what they are saying but I love the USA chant at the end.

I wonder what she was doing prior to the video?

I hate to see any backward progress on the environmental side. But it’s worth noting that weakening the EPA and onshoring manufacturing is likely a net positive given that it’s being brought over from far less stringent environmental regulatory environments (China/Mexico).

^yah im with you on that, the environment and healthy standards are key priorities for me. You are right, it probably will benefit the world to have manufacturing subject to US standards but it will likely impact americans negatively.

I wish Trump halted the keystone initiative, once and for all. This could have showcased his ability to actually get things done -opposed to Obama who just sat on it - and gave a group of citizens a glimpse of hope.