Woman kicked off flight for rant about sitting between ‘two big pigs’

Watch the youtube video. What you think is more surprising, the audaciousness of this woman or the all the comments below the video supporting her? Gotta love americans and their high class problems.


5 hours in a middle seat is a unpleasant situation, but 5 hours in a middle seat being squished by two obese people is a test of sanity. Regular people struggle to fit in those economy seats, fat people overflow, they pay for one seat and get 1.2 seats, obese privilege?

I’m with the women, she paid for an entire seat. Fat people will complain that the airlines are making seats too small. Do they blame car manufactures for making compact cars too small? They should either buy a larger seat, buy 2 seats, or charter a plane.

So, in principle I’m with her regarding the sentiment, in practice, I didn’t think the people *from what I could see* really qualified for that description. Also I don’t know, just seems wrong. Anyhow, stop booking middle seats. To their credit, the airlines have finally made economy so intolerable that I’ve begun upgrading. I was on an earnings call a quarter or two ago where one of the exec’s described their basic economy as the “most humane” of the majors, haha.

the economy has shit margins for the airline so it only makes sense to treat them like canned tuna. they are essentially filler seats. in terms of price per sq ft, the real money is in business class for them. first class is pretty decent as well.

fat people should be charged a higher price in everything. from medical to insurance to airline seats. in fact the airline should price segment a higher tier price for fat people. can you get sued for that? price discriminating fat people.

also for the record, i dont think those guys were super fat. she seems more like a whiny poor person who complains for a discount.

Your judgment on that has been clouded from living in a place were overweight is the norm…

Here some pics… judge yourself, and the woman complaining is herself on the big side of the bodyweight index


fat people attacking fatter people. but yep they are a huge problem!

I sympathize with the angry lady’s situation, but she did not do a good job in PR here. To the public in a non affected situation, being obese is not as bad as being mean. If she had calmly explained this, she might have gotten free stuff or another seat.

Yeah, I get why the lady is pissed off. I’d be upset too. But being pissed off isn’t a valid reason to act like she did. Both parties are crappy here.

is this the rock show TItan Games?

She didn’t handle the situation gracefully but to be honest, I’d be livid too. If you overflow from your seat, you should buy two tickets. Being fat and out of shape shouldn’t grant you with extra privileges.

It’s like in the metro when a humongous person walks in and stares at people sitting with a look “one of you should give me your seat”.

I’ll give up my seat any day to elderly, sick, physically disabled, pregnant women, small children, people with small children etc…but never ever to a person who has eaten himself to a point that it can be considered a physical disability.

Couldn’t watch more than a minute of that… suck it up butter cup.

The lady is rude no doubt but there is no reason for a human to be that fat. Being sat next to or in between obese people is my biggest dread when I am on a long haul flight. Even for a normal sized person the economy seats are torture, I couldn’t imagine being that fat and how uncomfortable that must be.

the airline industry is know for price segmentation. but it will be tought to do it based on how big they are. perhaps samoans will claim racism.

would be great if we can price segment these fat people. kind of like if we were in a buffet, you have to step in a weighing scale, and you are charged based off that!

Also, the two people bought window and aisle seats, leaving the middle one. They were probably hoping no one would book the middle seat. However, given that situation, one of them should volunteer to move to the middle so they can sit together.

That was painful to watch, where I’m from all of that interaction would have been communicated by slightly disapproving looks and maybe a few tuts.

Whilst the the people were really big and the middle seat would have been very uncomfortable, there really is no need to be such a cunt about it. The other passenger offered her another seat and the hosty dealt with it swiftly and professionally but the woman kept going and kept going like a lot of American women seem to do.

here’s a question, would she have acted the same way if they were white?

They knew what they were doing… would have been great if a person bigger than them had the middle seat. They’d for sure be the ones causing drama.

Yeah, who knows. I’m guessing a bunch of morbidly obese white trash would have got the same treatment although I agree she obviously handled it poorly. I didn’t even watch the video, I took one look at her and knew it was going to be horrendous to listen to. Also I feel obligated to tie this into the infamous John Johnson.

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