Women taking CFA with Children AND Supportive husbands???

I see a lot of threats talking and thanking the wives of guys with 3 kids who undertook the ordeal. Wondering if the tables are turned are guys just as supportive for the women taking the CFA tests? By supportive I mean do the dishes, take kids to park, etc… consistently. Or do women bow out fundamentally understanding that the system is not set up to support them or maybe not even try in the first place. Please prove me wrong!

During normal periods (school kids, etc) it mostly depends on your significant other and the place where you live.

Naturally, during pregnancy and during the stage of breastfeeding, I’m afraid but cannot prove you wrong.

I don’t know about this statement and what to make of it. I have seen plenty of women with children do the CFA. Their husbands must be somewhat supportive of them. Usually, doing the CFA has more to do with you as the person, your goals, desire and your motivation than your partner. If is important for you, you will do it no matter the obstacles are.

There are women who decide their career are more important than having kids, they end up regret it later. There are women who decide to sacrifice their career to have kids, they regret it later. The point is to find the right balance since we can never have it all.

If I did not have kids, there are so much I could have done with my life and my career. Then again, i don’t want to trade my kids and I love them since after all my HC is lower than my life expectancy and I one point, they will be the most valuable assets I have ever own :-)… Thus, I balance it out.

When I sat for CFA level II exam in June 2017, I was 9-month pregnant. When I sat for CFA level III exam this June, my baby was 1 year old. My husband was very supportive during that period. He got up at night to take care of baby and did all the housework. My husband constantly reminded me to prepare for the exam. Without his support, I would not be able to pass at 90th percentile.

You are a lognormal type of girl anyway :-)… no need to change the base. lol…

Thanks for sharing. Although I think you might be the exception. For most women its a true choice between family and career (by career I mean CAREER veering toward upper management or an executive suite not some job where you get paid 78 cents on a dollar if you are lucky). Aside from that women get 4% shaved off of their salary per every child while guys get rewarded 6%. Quite the asymmetry. This forum is heavily tilted towards guys. Beats me why women don’t go into finance. I am starting to find out…

Yeah, you got it, I am positive all the times :grin:

As for the ladies who passed CFA exams, I am not an exception. I have a lot of girlfriends who passed all the exams, with their boyfriends or husbands supporting them all the time. Just find the right guy. There are a lot of guys who are supportive of their significant others’ careers.

There are a lot of women who go into finance industry, based on what I observe. Most of them are in middle office or back office. You are true that not many women work in wealth management, or corporate banking. When I attended a wealth management forum this year, more than 80% of people were male. What’s more, I am Asian, so it is more difficult. It is difficult, but not impossible.


the ethics book makes for some great bedtime stories. that’ll help with the ethics adjustment if you’re borderline

What kind of scholarship did you get?

what’s up :slight_smile: LOL

Nah. My fiancé is a charterholder & actively encourages me to finish the exams (I’m taking L3 this year)

Fortunately, we can afford things like maid service and a cook, so I still get to spend some quality time with him every day despite working full time/ studying/ working out daily.

I’m not that bothered by the exams tbh. I mean, sure they’re tough, but it’s not exactly rocket science either. And if you fail, you can always take it again. What’s more important is that I’m doing it in a happy/ healthy frame of mind.