Wondering how many of u have finished studying.

Hi guys, I was just wondering how many of you completed all your readings and feel well prepared for the exams?

For June?! Nowhere near yet…ha. Not me anyway.

I’ll be done all of the readings in the CFA texts in 2-3 weeks. However, I am still miles away from being ready. Reading over the books once doesn’t really stick with you, you need to go over them a few times, and do tons of problems. If anyone is prepared for the exam now, they’ve timed it badly. You want to be at your peak at exam time, not four months before.

hmm at least you feel less stressed knowing that you have covered everything!

Using Stalla (study guides, cd lectures, pass master, and live class) and sprinkling in CFAi readings and problems for trouble areas… I’ve completed Ethics and Quant (twice)… Why twice? I began studying in mid-December; however, my Stalla package came with a live class. I decided to stay on the same schedule as the live class and began Ethics again on 1/20… Benefit - it really helps to go through the material a second time… at the same time; I’ve doubled down on ethics and quant at the expense of starting econ/FRA. Nonetheless I’ll complete all Study Sessions by the first week of May, which gives me a full month of review & mocks.

No were near close to being done

Well technically I was done with readings for December! I’m a resitter so I have read everything at least once. Re-reading my problem areas now for the second/third time. Economics is just terminally boring in my opinion! Especially for the third read!

I’ll start my third read :slight_smile:

i just started the second book today…

You have plenty of time for June level 1. Don’t panic and chip away a little every day.

I don’t have the impression of having plenty of time. 4 months are quite short!

4 months is still a fair amount of time if you allocate it properly. If you work hard at Schweser- around 15 hours a week, you can finish the books before May while doing all of the problems. That leaves you a full 5 weeks to do problems afterwards. Good luck! No need to panic now, we’ll save that for May and June.

so is just studying the schweser material sufficient. or should i also study the cfa books as well? i feel like i dont have much time left to study and progress is going really really slow.

I am using stalla+cfa books. I have seen that stalla doesn’t cover everything and still think reading the books is a must. As you said, however this takes time.

There is a chart on the analyst forums main page that shows 45% of people writing use just study notes to prepare for the exams. I am using both notes and the texts, but I think notes alone are sufficient if you put enough time in. By the time I finish, it will have taken me two and a half months to read the CFA texts, with a 40 hour work week. If you work as well, I would advise against spending this much time reading them at this stage because your time could be better spent doing the notes and then a lot of practice problems.

Well…I am at the end of Book 2. I am going according to the curriculum order…I also go thro the Schewer notes as well but keep the CFA books as the main source of reading. I feel that some topics are better explained in the Schewer notes than the CFAI books… And I do not hurry into my reading atall…I study at leisure…by that I mean till I do not get the concept fully well, then do each and every problem, questions at the end, summaries from both CFAI and Schewer…and only when I am satisfied that I have got it, do I go to the next Reading. I am a fully qualified advisor, and had to pass 5 exams out of which 4 were multiple choice - and I can this for sure that merely going thro the readings and leaving the problems for later is a waste…YOU have to do the readings and only proceed to the next reading when u r sure you have got it…that way, when I do the revision, it wud be a ‘breeze’…It is all about understanding the concepts, and you cannot fully understand the concepts if you by-pass the problems. I wish all best of luck.

What are study notes?