Woo hoo

52 Months Submitted, 52 Months Accepted!!! I have a question, I completed everything, but now what? Do I have to tell them I am ready for review or do they automatically start. Also, I chose my local society in there do I have to do anything with that or does CFA do that?

MGG, when did you submit your work exp? Before or after your results?

Congrats MGG

Like two weeks after. Thanks CSK

You can go online and apply for change of membership from regular member to charter member. The process takes 4-6 weeks and you can either have your charter sent to you or to the CFA society where they present it to you in a ceremony. Thats what I did… Congrats on getting your work exp approved!

I dont think I am any kind of member right now, I thought all that stuff was my application? No?

well thats the $600 question, isnt it? i wrote to CFAI a few times and finally said, please state clearly what if anything i need to do now. they said, nothing, just wait. this was after everything was in order. when i go to my account and click on teh link that says, passed L3, now what etc etc. it takes me to a screen that shows that the pledge is completed and dues are paid. when i click on ‘next’ it sends me all the way back to my profile page.

The website is kind of messed up - call the contact number and let them know you need your charter. When I spoke to them, I asked for the status of my application. They said they have are in the process of sending it to my local CFA chapter and once the local chapter approves my membership, then I will get my charter (either mailed to me directly or presented during a cemremony at the local CFA chapter). If they have said wait - thats fine. I would still call and find out staus of the aplication.

Work experienced now approved after just over 1 week since submitting my full application. Slick.

Are you in NY? Do you have to join the NYSSA first? Or just submit the application to CFAI?

Can’t you tell from my accent that I’m from the UK? You do everything through the CFAI website and they submit your application to the local society you select on your behalf.