Wooden Arrows

That’s an important industry for us to save. Don’t think the bail-out had a chance without them.

Diocletian reproached Sebastian for his supposed betrayal, and “he commanded him to be led to the field and there to be bounden to a stake for to be shot at. And the archers shot at him till he was as full of arrows as an pincushion is full of pricks,” leaving him there for dead. Miraculously, the arrows did not kill him. The widow of St. Castulus, St. Irene of Rome, went to retrieve his body to bury it, and found he was still alive. She brought him back to her house and nursed him back to health. The children’s wooden arrows are a metaphor. Edit: Actually, it’s a very cleverly disguised literary allusion to the above “full of pricks”.

Joey, why is gold down on the news ?

Virgin says that gold only goes up when the gold bugs find a new convert. Maybe there are no more possible converts?

In Chester, you are allowed to murder a welshman after midnight so long as you use a bow and arrow. I think this is a vital tax break to rid Chester of the Welsh plague.

Joey, you said the right thing the wrong way. More gold is demanded from jewelers, stereo makers, industrial users, dentists, etc. than from nutjobs who think gold is still the one true currency. In fact, those nutjobs only make up a small % of demand (16% or so). If those other gold consumers are not demanding their share then it doesn’t matter what kind of monetary policy the gov’t embarks on. Historically, you can see that gold does not always react favorably to loose money. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. That being said, gold really does work in the ole’ portfolio in small quantities… but you can’t really time when it will come around just based on today’s inflationary news?