I got selected for an interview for the Equity Research Associate gig at Raymond James. I got rejected by the IBD division which felt like I nice swift kick in the nuts this morning, but this is the job I wanted to get an interview with out of the whole career fair. Anyways, I am asking you guys for any tips on what I should know going in or how to prepare. I am planning on looking at some of the stocks they are following and reading up on them to give my own opinion and also some of the stocks that I am invested in myself.

Niblita - got a few questions for you about the RJ gig - can you email me? goldenkah2 (at) gmail

Way to go Niblita. Been following your posts on the surgeon thread. Its in Tampa right? Well, once you get in you’ll have to send me some openings. I’d love to work in Tampa. Some hints on ER interview. They can ask you just about anything. The last one I went to discussed my history. The one prior to that asked alot on how I dealt with situations in the workplace i.e difficult colleague, difficult manager etc


Congrats Niblita. I have an interview next week for a Research Analyst position at Bank of America. Does anyone have any more specific advice for these types of interviews? As in, what should we be ready to answer, good questions to ask the interviewer, etc.

I went through a round with Alliance Bernstein yesterday. Do your homework and be personable. Things will be ok.

UAECFA : I believe this position is in Tampa, and anywhere I work I’d like to hook up anyone here once I become a bad^$@ haha. phBOOM: What were you asked in your interview? I am mainly concerned with something that will catch me off guard.

“Please give us your thoughts on the current state of the stock market.” What would your answer be like?

this week…loving it 3 weeks ago…not so much…

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > this week…loving it > > 3 weeks ago…not so much… youre hired

first 3 months you work with a senior broker…open 30 accounts and your on your own. skys the limit

They say money can’t buy happiness? Look at the f*cking smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby.

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What do you mean, you’re gonna pass. Alan, the only people making money passing are NFL quarterbacks and I don’t see a number on your back.

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I got a question. Should I pick a stock or two out of the universe that they cover and know them well, or should I just be familiar with the sectors and basic information on the stocks. If I should pick one or two stocks, do I just pick the ones that interest me?