Words changed by the CFA Program

I’m talking about words which no longer have their ordinary meaning to you anymore because of this program. I can think of 2: Level: Anywhere I see this word, I think of I, II or III Duration: I think of interest rate changes and bond values, and I find it strange using it for its ordinary meaning Pass: Dude, word… Does anyone have any other?

Crack and spread is all I can think of right now… P.S. how the fuck did Yakubu miss that?? seriously…cmon now !

I don’t understand all those boys… never mind… How’s it going?

Strip, straddle, and spread

Not a L3 term, but I often think of autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity and wonder what has become of my life.

Yeah, I often have the same problem when I hear Molodovsky. Also from level II, for whatever reason I have the phrase “Durbin Watson is a serial killer” burned in my brain. Now whenever someone casually brings up a serial killer (happens all the time), I instantly think they’re talking about Durbin Watson… weird.

Vega… What was once a badass Street Fighter is now a stupid option term…

Delta used to just be an airline.


Program used to be an IT word near-monopoly… and CFA, to used to mean an adjective for the Franc (called CFA Franc), a West and Central African unit of currency…

Future(s) !!!


for Bull and bear first thing comes in my mind is option!!!

Here’s another: Tail.