Work 60+ hours a week club

Who here works 60+ hours a week?

  1. What’s your job?

  2. How many hours a week do you work?

  3. For how long have you worked those hours?

  4. How do you do this without getting sick and/or burned out? Advice appreciated.

Me -

  1. I had two jobs - one finance related, and the other was freelance work in a different field.

  2. Used to work about 80 hours a week.

  3. I couldn’t last a year - a few months short of a year

  4. I got so sick. Went to the doctor more times that year than I did in all of my other years, combined. I’ve somewhat recuperated, but it’s not the same anymore.

  1. Used to work for major consulting firm (on project finance/budgeting engagements)

  2. Used to work about 70hrs a week

  3. Lasted 1.5 years

  4. I was at a high enough level where I could work from home, except when I had presentations, team meetings, and meetings with client. Being able to work from home made it bearable.

  1. Diablo 3 player

  2. Between 4-6

  3. Just started

  4. Love my job!

How’s the pay for this field? I’ve always been interested in doing the same thing, but wasn’t sure how good the exit opportunities are. Any chance of switching to buyside?

  1. Portfolio manager

  2. 60 hrs a week + CFA prep

  3. 6 months - been in job couple of years, became a pm at the same time corporate issues arose

  4. Not doing a great job. Have had to hide in bathrooms a few times to stop hyperventilating. Eating well is key, I follow Paleo. One coffee a day, don’t mess with your adrenal sustem any more than necessary. Looking forward to getting back to the gym after exams. Downloaded some meditation podcasts and listen to them often, this helps massively. Figured out no one cared if I took decent lunch breaks as long as I’m still there at night so often go to yoga at gym at lunch. Avoid weekend work at all costs. Have a very supportive significant other! And tell yourself “this too will pass”. My colleagues are great fun, if I worked with d*clheads I would be looking for a job now.

what kind of portfolio manager are you? a mutual fund manager or a financial advisor for retail?

This club sucks.