Work Exp. - Audit

Has anyone here applied for the CFA designation (or knows anyone else who has) by virtue of audit experience? Greenman - you’re a CPA, what’s your take on this? The website leaves a lot of room for interpretation, essentially saying that auditing the fair value of assets and liabilities counts as relevant experience; i.e. any public company or IFRS-reporting would have a lot of audit work falling under this umbrella.

Thanks for the insight


Jbrown - you’re a CPA, do you have any insight here?

Pretty sure it counts as long as you word it correctly.

As I stated on another thread :

Gist of “applicability of audit experience” to get it approved for membership is : “all depends on how you write what you do” to claim that your work ‘contributes to investment decision making’ directly or by some one else. There are quite a few threads on this topic (audit work-experience) in this forum, search for it. Investing some time on it will solve your problem. If I remember it correctly, there is at least one case where the OP (an auditor) gave full account of how it got rejected first time and then approved by rewriting it to satisfy CFAI people!

I worked in audit for a few years and was able to get my experienced passed in the first try. At least as I recall I think they counted the audit experience (work more in corp finance now which also counted)…as said above, it just depends on how you write it.