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What’s the process for getting it approved? I’m doubtful that my current role would get me the charter, but I’ve got a modest 6 figure portfolio I manage for a couple family members on the side. Would I be able to use that for the experience?

Doubtful. It has to be full-time, and can’t be your own portfolio. Even though this isn’t technically yours, it sounds like it violates both of these principles.

What is your current role? Apparently, they’re pretty liberal with their application of the rules.

Well, for what it’s worth I’m in the process of making the portfolio mgmt a separate legal entity…but it still won’t be full time I guess.

I’m a business analyst - lots of analyzing internal things, but not investment related (operations, cost savings, ad hoc etc). I do model our company’s work (oilfield services) to forecast profit margins and things like that, but it’s not related to markets at all - just return on capital, contribution margin, things like that. I figure that’s my best bet.

Well, each well is a new investment. So it sounds to me like you’re analyzing investments. Maybe not a publicly traded investment, but this certainly sounds like it qualifies under the general corporate finance umbrella.

My background doesn’t sound far off yours (I’m in the corporate world too). You may just need to think about what you do differently. Be honest, but focus on how you contribute to your company’s decisions around investments it makes. It’s not necessarily stocks/bonds/options. Projects, real estate, acqusitions… these all can count. Investment decision making process doesn’t relate strictly to securities.

managing the side portfolio will only work if you literally have a separate entity / biz that covers it, and separated vs your own. If by managing you just click buy/sell buttons on their account, that doesn’t qualify

Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but how do you quantify “managing”?

Ultimately, you’re either clicking the “buy” or “sell” button. Everything that goes on before that can be made up, BS’ed, invented out of thin air, or what not.

That’s kinda what I was thinking about. Currently I just do it on their behalf but I’m in the process of creating an LLC that’ll do it, partly because I plan to buy into the farm for next season and need a separate business account to do so anyway. But if what greenman says about drilling wells and such being suitable investments I can easily make that count - it’s no stretch to say that our analysis is a make or break detail in the decision making process.

“Investments” does not necessarily mean “publicly traded stocks and bonds”.

IMHO - an oil well certainly qualifies as an investment.

That’s why I started by saying they want to see a legit separate entity.