Work experience and application

I believe I have sufficient work experience now, several months before I sit for Level 3 in June. I’m wondering when it would be best for me to submit my work experience? Can I do it now, so that if I pass in June I’m a charterholder soon after without delay? I find the CFAI website pretty difficult to find this information. I see all kinds of general information about submitting work experience but I don’t see the place on the website where it tells you when to apply and if I can do so electronically through the site. Thanks!

I submitted the 48 last month, CFAI approved it immediately, T-40 for the local society to approve and then I will pay the membership fees before I sit for the exam that way there is not an additional delay between me passing and getting the charter.

Hmm… good info. Yes the CFA website really, really sucks!