Work Experience Applicable?

Hey all,

I passed L3 this year and was just starting to do a write up of my job and since I started at this company I have been curious whether CFA will approve it or not - wondering whether anyone has an opinion or knows someone who does something similar and got their experience approved.

I work at an energy firm. I’m an ‘Energy Marketer’, and the gist of my job is my company has clients like power plants, hydro facilities, etc. that produce electricity, and I do analysis and sell the energy they produce into different energy markets in real time, obviously with the goal of getting the clients the most money with the least risk (for those that don’t know, most power markets are open and de-regulated, so energy produced in one place can be moved and sold into a different market). Although it’s very similar, it’s different technically from an ‘Energy Trader’ in that my firm isn’t taking prop positions, and our firm funds aren’t being used, just moving the energy clients produce. I also do different things like produce daily market reports on the various power markets we operate in, discuss P&Ls with clients, etc.

I assume they approve equity trading experience, so energy trading you would think would be suitable as well?

Anyway, I guess the only way I’ll know for sure is when I submit it!


Does portfolio administration experience count?