Work experience dinged!!!

I think the affiilate member is based on your passing the three exams. Now they are reviewing your work experience, which usually takes a few weeks to months.

send them an email to ask.

Best of luck

Na, it says it was rejected, for not enough detail.

But its not a total disaster as I thought. I realised that I didnt submit any detail in my work experience by mistake! As I had realised the day after I forgot to fill that in (thought it was just up to what the sponsors said, and anyway, updated it the day after I submitted, so they got the original work experience it looks like, not the proper updated version I did the day after. So will have to resubmit, only problem is I think its gonna slow the process way down, as I cant seem to withdraw the current application, so may have to wait for affiliate membership to be approved before I can resubmit, and who knows how long the societ will take to do that.

Oh well it was my own stupidity I guess, noone else i can blame. Lets just hope second time around they approve.

I wouldn’t approve it either. I have no idea what you do except maybe what your name suggests…

why is it so important anyways? once you pass the exams, that is all that matters…

Depends Frank. A lot of employers want to market your CFA charter if you are client facing.

Resubmit TransferPricing. Don’t let this be like your rejections from chicks. Take the bull by the horns. If need be, embellish a little.

You must make investment decisions in some way? Right? Talk about that.

Yeh, as I said, its ebcause I didnt actually fill in anyhting in the details about work experience section.

So I’d say this time that I did I’ll be a better chance!!

Only took them a week to ding it, so hopefully they will be this quick again to check.

y didn’t you fill it out? that was your mistake…what do you do anyways, i can pretty tell you whether you will get approved or not…i have xray vision

Yeh, i screwed up, didnt realise that got submitted with it, thought it was just the sponsers comments on work experience.

Anyway, sorted and resent.

Well frank, i do valuations of businesses and intangible assets. And I also do credit rating and interest pricing of loans. These are the main projects I work on for clients.

And also I do economic analysis of markets and comparable companies analysis to assist clients in determining their pricing of goods.

Just resubmit brah you’ll be fine.

maybe CFA is racist…

Happy to say my 48 months just got approved by CFA.

Awaiting societ approval, how long does that take? not the full 45 days i hope!

Transfer pricing really shouldn’t be considered relevant experience. But then again, I’ve heard of tellers and people in call centres receiving their charter. They will accept your experience, they want the dues.

what if you work in the valuations and economics unit? You are wrong.

Can understand however those that work on the law site of it not being accepted.

Valuation experience is accepted, you just have to word it to indicate that your work directly affects the investment decisions of clients and/or their shareholders.