Work Experience Edits to Apply for membership

Hi, For some reason after I entered in my various work experiences (I’ve had like 3 different titles and jobs), I cannot GO BACK and do any edits or delete?? Am i missing something? Please help!

I am having the same issue, send a service request to CFA. Waiting for response

yea same here…thanks!

I emailed them about this and they sent me back some nonsense reply. I did find a workaround: Just go straight to the work experience/employment history link above the one for L3 registration. You can edit in that screen. Then go back and complete L3 registration.

Agreed with allépourpêcher. I had the same problem and luckily found the workaround he recommended. Any edits made to work history, etc. and other categories will be carried over to L3 registration.

How to make edits post L3 registration?

I registered already… Got the same problem, want to edit the work experience for the application, sent the request to CFAI, and also received the nonsence reply as well… what a shxt…

they need to hire better programmers for the website, this is ridiculous!

the CFA website is a freaky travesty I was asked to update my work experince, as it was “too brief”, even though the nice CFA institute fellow said I covered everything I should. But then the f’ing website spits out error codes everytime I try to edit anything. arrrrrrg

Guys, just call the CFA and cancel your registration for membership. Then reapply with the correct information.