Work Experience for FRM?

Does anyone here know as to what kind of work experience is considered relevant for the FRM designation? Also, I am L2 candidate sitting for next june exam. I go for placements this December and though my college is among the better ones, the roles expected this year are following: Trader (Bank’s trading room) Treasury sales (research NOT expected) Equity research (in some broker house/KPO) Corporate Banking Roles like Arbitrage Strategist and Derivative Modeling are also expected, however, I am really averse to getting into support functions in IT companies. Also, KPOs are expected to offer some analyst positions, however, I talked to around 5-7 alumni who are working in Finance and none of them had good words to say in terms of career progression. I find debt and equity equally interesting as of now and find no preferences as such, so just want to ensure that I get into some role which will be counted towards both FRM and CFA. Many many thanks for all your comments. I hope this thread will also clarify others’ doubts.