work experience for getting cfa charter

I have 3.5 year investment related work experience and is less of half year experience to complete the 4 year requirement. now I started a firm in wealth planning, taxation, etc. Does this type of experience count toward related work experience for cfa charter application? I may or may not have wealth planning client immediately but will involve in taking relevant training, research etc.

any input, thank you!

The job does. Not sure about training. I suppose of its experienntial training you will be working in the investment decision making process… All of my financial planning time was accepted.

Thank you so much for the information. Do I need to get reference for the taxation, wealth planning job, I mean the business I run? I am the only person in the business. Or does it make sense to add my spouse to the business so that he can write a reference for me? Thanks again!

If you don’t have a good reference, call your local society. They may provide a reference for you after an interview.

Hello everyone

I wanted to gather some more info as i am preparing my write up for the WE requirements as part of membership process.

  1. i have worked in 3 different firms (Deal Advisory/M&A) in big 4 companies and wanted to know whether i need to have one sponsor from every employer, or is it OK to have from say only 2 out of 3?

  2. Given that the nature of my work across these 3 firms are nearly similar (although i climbed up the ladder, so from Junior Consultant to Manager along the years), do i need to repeat the work done under 3 different headers (for 3 different employers) or i can sort of prepare a condensed list per type of services (e.g. transactional valuations, financial due diligences, lead advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), etc?

  3. Do i need to state that i spend at least 50% of my time in preparing work products which will be used (in my case by Boards, investment committees) for finalising their acquisitions (mainly unquoted shares) since this is the only thing i do - i.e. i spend 100% of my time doing this work.

Many thanks for the help, in advance.


You’ve been spamming a bunch of threads with this question. Honestly, just stick with your original post; it will eventually get answered, I lent my two cents as well.