Work Experience for Software lead


I recently passed level 3. I am working as software technical lead/architect/development manager in an asset management firm. In this role I have developed systems such as client reporting system which produces reports related to client portfolio performance, acounting, attribution etc. I am working in this role for this company for last 8 years.

Would this be considered acceptable work experience by CFA? Anyone with similar experience got already approved?

Thanks In advance

I think so. Congratulations on your pass!

It doesn’t hurt to throw your experience in there and see what happens. It’s the only professional program I know where they’ll evaluate for free. No downside, only upside. Fill it out (with lots of detail, especially on duties that support the investment decision making process) and see what happens.

I read on the CFA website “sofware engineer” is indeed a qualified category. Not sure if it must be the kind of software that “directly” generates decisions.

Job titles don’t matter (much). They look at what you do and how it influences the investment decision making process. If you just put down a job title, you’re likely not going to be approved. You need to go into detail about how your job relates to the investment process.

Right from the horse’s mouth: