Work Experience for Trading/ Middle Office

My work experience consists of sales/marketing (2yrs) for an asset management firm, trade execution (2yrs) for a private wealth management firm, and most recently middle office risk and p&l reporting and general front line support for a secondary trading desk. I sit on the desk and work only with the traders but in the corporate structure, I fall under Middle Office. I think my work experience will be fine but looking for some guidance as to how to word it. Especially the middle office work since it is current. I guess my real question is, if I have 4 years of experience that would definately qualify, but my two most recent years could be misunderstood, how can I best communicate all of my work experience? Here is a draft of what I was planning on saying: work experience: Trading Assistant I work on a mortgage trading desk. My primary responsibilites include producing a report which traders use to monitor interest rate and credit risk exposure. I am also responsible for organizing all trading activity, monitoring risk limits and for valuing all cash and derivative positions on a daily basis. The product of my work is used by traders in managing the desks risks and in all of their market making activity. I have been doing this for the past two years. Prior to this I spent 2 years as an execution trader on a short term fixed income desk. My responsibilities at that time included advising sales people and customers on investment decisions and providing best execution services in facilitation of the investment process. Pior to this, I spent two years marketing equity, fixed income and alternative investment management services for an asset management firm. Any thoughts/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Chris, I don’t have much advice, but since I am in a similar mid-office role for a trading desk I’m very curious how it turns out for you. Could you post here how your approval process goes? I’m planning on submitting soon and will do the same.

Chris, I have previous work experience that is *very* similar to your mortgage job (trading analyst on a mortgage desk) and it was approved by CFAI. You will need to break up your experience and give a separate description for each position - as opposed to paragraph form. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to share what I used in my description. monger187 at gmail dot com.

bigbadaboom, I will absolutely keep you posted as to my progress in getting approved. monger187, Thanks for the offer. I will email you.