Work experience issue?

Hi guys,

I know that you got a lot of similar questions related to work experience, however i might bother you again with the same old question : i was a consultant and project finance analyst for a company designing and supervising airport construction. I participated to design , and helped to build the financial model for an airport in Indonesia and was interested to know your answer regarding this subject. I worked two years as a consultant , and quit the company later to gain other network. this two years in this project and five years working for this company do actually enter the work experience requirements for CFA designation as i want to prepare Level 1 in a few months ?

Thanks, appreciate your help.

To apply in CFA at least 4000 hours of professional work experience is required, related to the investment, or others. The alternative eligibility is combined 4000 hours of professional work experience and education. After passing the 3 levels of the CFA exam, the eligibility to become a charterholder extends to at least 4,000 hours of dedicated or directly related to investment decision-making, completed in a minimum of 36 months.
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