Work experience - Marketing and Client Services for Investment Management

Anyone in the marketing and client service department for an investment management firm that has received the charter and has had their work experience approved by CFAI - how did you articulate your work experience?

I have an interview for such a position next week (Client Services Associate in Marketing and Client Services of Buy-side Shop). I’m also very curious whether these positions will qualify for CFA work requirement.

Anyone have any first-hand experience with this area?

I am a Client Service Representative for a large investment firm and will be taking L3 in June 2017. I really hope it counts. I don’t really deal with valuations or set up portfolios. I answer peoples questions and concerns about their retirement accounts and execute open-end securities trades for them. The job market for analaysts is very hard to break into even after passing Levels 1 &2…

Here is what the CFA Institute says it wants, “Evaluating or applying financial, economic, and/or statistical data as part of the investment decision-making process involving securities or similar investments”. I don’t believe client servicing or marketing would qualify.

The institute provides a questionnaire that should help.

I counted 347 people here who have asked whether their experience qualified for CFA. For 346 of these, the answer was yes. The last guy was a dog walker.

  1. If you are a client services or marketing person, you can claim to be providing guidance/information/advice to clients to help them formulate investment decisions.

  2. You can also claim to have developed tools, processes or methodologies that are used to make or help in the investment process.

  3. If you interact with portfolio managers, you have probably also relayed information or feedback to them that helped in their investment process.

This is all stuff that I am making up without knowing anything about what you do. I am sure there is something you can say.

^ What about professional panda hugger?