Work Experience: Need More Detail

My work experience was rejected by the CFA Institue under ‘Need More Detail’. In a previous post, it was mentioned that linking your work experience to LOS buzz words can help. Does anyone have a link or list of the L1, L2 LOS? Or is there a forum post that I am missing that contains this list? Second, the process seems strange to me. I was rejected by the CFA Institute and yet I am under review by my local society. Does this mean a local society judgment can still over-rule the CFA Institute’s view? Thanks!

Never mind on the first question. It’s a bit painful to extract, but I did find:

Curious - how long did it take for them to get back to you after submitting? Thanks.

It took about a week for the CFA Institute to get back to me. Actually, ‘get back to me’ is a loose term. I had to look on the website to see my change in status.

Thanks. I finally got around to submitting mine a few weeks ago (kept telling myself I should do it before the exam, but put it off) and had my last sponsor approve last Friday. I’ve been checking the website, so hopefully I see something soon.

Also, what happened online, did the status just change from “Work Experience Review” to need more detail or something?

how many words should a person write in the work experience session? Can it be just a couple of sentences or much detailed descrpition is required? Thanks

Your description doesn’t need to be long as long as it shows that the work was related to the investment process.

Under applications you will see one that shows up as ‘1-XYZ - CFA Institute’. If for any reason your work experience is rejected it shows up as ‘Affliate’ under the Recommended Member Type column. To see why you were rejected. you have to click on ‘1-XYZ - CFA Institute’ and scan all the way over to the Reason Rejected column - which will likely say ‘Job does not qualify’ or ‘Need more detail’. Hope that helps.

Whalin - Have you heard back from CFAI since resubmitting? I resubmitted mine yesterday.

How do I resubmit? Got my work experience rejected - ‘need more detail’. I withdrew the application and tried to reapply, but can’t change the work experience. Anyone help?

You have to edit your work experience in the work experience section first and then reapply. As soon as you apply you cannot edit the work experience attached to that application

Withdraw your current application and then reapply.

I had the same issue. I withdrew the application and still couldn’t get the experience to update. I called the CFA institute and they told me to just email them a word doc and they would attach it. Now have to wait another 2 weeks + for the work experience to be reviewed.

You cannot withdraw your application once the approval procedure is over. However, if you got your experience “approved as an affiliate member”, not regular, you may “upgrade your membership” (I think this was under “manage my memberships”) and submit your revised work experience.

Yes, look through level 1,2, 3 LOS and see where it relates to your work experience. Relate to it as much as possible and use the key buzz words. I had 4-5 multi-sentence lines for each work experience. CFAI review - 1 week Society review - 5 weeks so about 6 weeks total for me.

For those that need any words of encouragement: * I submitted work experience at 10am on Monday * Both sponsors approved same day * CFA Institute approved work experience by 1pm on Tuesday = Less than 2 days total As for my work experience… If you really try you can pin what you’re doing to the investment process. I wasn’t expecting an easy ride on this one. I work more as a regulatory analyst for a power firm today, previously as an IT-focused project manager in the most evil of the big banks, and prior to that a client-facing project guy at a clearing house. In total 60+ months of work experience approved. I used the LOS language as much as I could. Funnily enough none of my Ops experience at a certain German Bank was accepted. allépourpêcher, CFA

Same here. I’ve sent the attachment. The wait has resumed.