Work Experience - Placement year?


As part of my bachelor degree, I spent a year working in an asset management company as a performance analyst.

I understand that CFA institute does not recognise internships as relevant work experience, however this was not an internship, it was paid and lasted a full year. Does anyone know if this would count as work experience?


Was it full time?

The fact that you have to ask makes people wonder if there’s something about it that you think shouldn’t qualify.

If it was full time, that should be obvious right? was it 40+ hours a week?

The work experience was part of the bachelor course. It was called an industry placement and it was compulsory to complete it in order to graduate. I ask because I was of the understanding that internships did not count and whilst this was not an internship, I was still technically a university student at the time.

However, it was paid, full-time and I worked the same as anyone else on the team.

Thanks for the help.

I think it will be hard pressed to convince anyone you were indeed on par as a full time worker, while being full time enrolled in an undergrad university. i’ve never heard of full-time work as a requisite for graduation. the timeline will cross over on the resume right?

If you were in a PHD program andd were just working on your dissertation that may be ok… but undergrad… that’s hard to convince folks

I agree with Itera…I don’t know why you keep emphasizing it was paid…a lot of internships are paid too. The fact that it had an expiration date means it was more of a temp. Also, was it 40+ hours? Did you get all the same benefits as your non-student co-workers? How do you know this was not an internship?

You can try and apply with that as one of your years of experience…the most CFA can do is not approve it. You’ll have 4 years of real work experience in no time.