Work Experience Query...

To anyone that can be bothered… I submitted my work experience description this morning (UK time) and after few hours I noticed the “Work Experience” criteria check box was ticked. However, it says that of the 62 months submitted - 0 months were accepted. I presume this is because nodoby @ CFAI has had a chance to review my description? Otherwise, I would have expected some sort of statement pointing me in the right direction because I’m a buy-side analyst so should have the eligible work experience. Did others find there was a delay between receiving the Work Experience check box tick and the time it took for the submittal to be accepted? If this is not the case, do CFAI tell you that your submittal work experience is not appropriate? Thanks in advance.

It takes a few weeks for them to process. When they’ve reviewed it, you’ll see that 0 change to the number of months they are accepting. Although, I have no idea what happens if they don’t accept any of someone’s work experience.