work experience rejected

Some of my work experience was rejected. Do I have any reasonable hope of getting the experience approved? Any suggestions for changes I could make to improve my chances of getting it approved? Here’s the experience that was rejected: LOS: compare and contrast the main features of the risk management process, risk governance, risk reduction and an enterprise risk management system. I developed, monitored and made process improvement recommendations relating to risk management as measured by key portfolio performance metrics, with an emphasis on client losses. This included designing a series of risk management reports and quantitative risk management tools to monitor portfolio risk (40% of my time). LOS: evaluate possible responses to a risk management problem. I assessed general ledger and non-general ledger portfolio risks and identified appropriate responses to reduce those risks to acceptable levels (30% of my time). LOS: evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s risk management processes. I identified weaknesses of the risk management process and developed risk-management policies and standards to improve the risk management process (30% of my time).

That sounds okay to me, but it sounds somewhat resume-vague. I think I know a lot about risk, but I don’t know what “general ledger and non-general ledger portfolio risks” are. I think that the person reading this didn’t know what you were talking about so he just thought you were blowing smoke. I think something like “devised hedging strategies using interest rate options to defray these risks” would beat bloody hell out of “identified appropriate responses to reduce these risks”. If you describe your job more completely does iy fit better or worse?

are you a Compliance Manager? Why not email them and ask them?