Work Experience Req.

I looked to see if it has been asked before and couldn’t find the answer. Can Big 4 audit work for the required work experience for the CFA? I couldn’t get in the main way to ER, so I’m having to back door my way in through audit to MBA to ER, and I’m hoping that I can get some of the work experience requirement out of the way ahead of time.

go search the L3 forum, that’s where this is hashed out.

Checked the forum…saw valuation for Big 4 work, but I’m wondering specifically about audit work. Any insight?

I’m pretty sure that audit work doesn’t cut it. I believe that it was borderline acceptable before they changed the rules about 3 years ago, but not anymore. Best thing is to go straight to the CFAI website where they descirbe the activities/jobs that qualify.

ask this questions yourself, is auditing part of the decision making process?

cart10 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ask this questions yourself, is auditing part of > the decision making process? Is compliance?

I’m in the same boat commstudent. I have my CPA, Series 7 and 24, have been in the securities industry for 7 years on the compliance side and have been debating on taking the CFA as a way to open more doors and provide me with higher paying opportunities. I think compliance counts towards the charter. What type of compliance do you do?

I think commstudent was being sarcastic because “compliance officer” is one of the titles listed under the new work experience requirements. Personally, I don’t see how compliance is acceptable but auditing is not (assuming you are doing front office audits where you are meeting with PMs, reviewing portfolios, trades, IMAs, etc.).

Thanks psn