Work experience requirement question - day trading

I’m a recent grad and I decided to work towards getting my CFA, and I’m wondering if any of you can help me out on this question about the work experience requirement. I’ve been trading forex for my own personal account for about a year now. I use both fundamental and technical analysis, and I plan on expanding to futures trading in the near future. I also plan on incorporating a company with another trader under which we’d both be doing our individual trading and collaborating on trading strategies. My question is, can this count towards the professional work experience requirement? It fits the type of work experience required, but I don’t know if the CFA Institute will accept my experience considering its for my personal account. Maybe it’ll be accepted once I have a company formed and I have financial statements to show to prove it? Does anybody here have any similar experience that they can help me out on this? I’m just curious if any of you have got your personal trading to count towards the work experience requirement.

If you spend more than 50% of your working time doing the trading then you should be ok for experience but from the sounds of it you don’t do that. And Please do not quote me. Refer to CFAI website for guidelines

I’m in pretty similar situation anyide anyone?

Mickeymickey, my friends and I are in similar situation, would you mind exchanging idea of how CFA benefits your day trading activity cheers