Work Experience Requirement

Assuming I pass L3 (which is a big assumption), I’ll have only slightly more than 2 years of relevant finance experience as an analyst. I have nearly 4 more years as an electrical engineer. Since I did alot of programming back then and continue to do programming now, do you think it is possible to finagle this in as “relevant” work experience toward the required 4 yrs?

its all on how you spin it - i am in a similar situation with financial analyst and acquisitions experience with a private company but not in the investment industry.

You could lie but I wouldn’t recommend it. If the programming was directly related to the investment decision process or a product used in the investment decision making product then yes, otherwise I’d say nope. I think the crux is that you job has to involve finance and you apply material rom the CFA curriculum in you job (and this accounts for a significant postion of you job) then it counts.

seems risky… so you don’t get to put CFA after your name, but you can put that you passed all three tests in your resume. It’s just a matter of waiting, right?

how about discount brokerage work experience?

no i wasn’t planing on lying - just make sure the investment related work experience shines a bit brighter