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Quick question for those who have successfully submitted their work experience. I was wondering if something along the lines of the following would likely be sufficient? The following is an excerpt which accounts for about 20 months of experience which I intend to submit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Role: Investment Analyst Prepare valuation models for greenfield projects, brownfield project and acquisition opportunities: -created models to calculate free cash flows for a target company (or greenfield/brownfield project) and estimated the intrinsic value of the company/project based on discounted cash flow analysis (LII – SS9 R31.j) -project annual cash flows from the project and perform sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis and Monte Carlo simulation (on key inputs like inflation, discount rates etc.) to assess the risk of a capital project (LII – SS8 R27.b & d) -perform analysis surrounding asset return optimization by adjusting the various cost components (LI – SS4 R17.c) -calculate and interpret FCFF and FCFE for a target company or project (LII – SS12 R41.a) -determine key project metrics and assess impacts on consolidation Thanks!

I think you’re overdoing it by referencing the LOS’. Overkill.

Thanks mp. I had read an older post where someone had mentioned they had listed the LOS’s after their descriptions, but am inclined to exclude them (like you said, overkill). Cheers.

First they rejected my WE because too brief…this is an example of my new accepted description: As a Portfolio Manager in the Insurance Company my main responsibilities are: 1) Research markets and use quantitative methods and tools to determinate the optimal asset allocation for the Fixed Income Portfolio 2) Identify Short Term opportunities in order to Perform Tactical asset allocation 3) Monitor and Rebalance the portfolio according to the market conditions and the requirements of the Investment Committee 4) Report, on a weekly basis, the portfolio performance and market expectations evolution to the Investment Manager and the Investment Committee. good luck

LOS citations are waaaaaaay overkill. The rest of the information is probably more thorough than mine, and I was approved.

Thanks Moto & Ozzy. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I work in the software firm as an Capital market analyst How will I need to show work ex… as I mainly worked on Middle office and Back office systems of Investment management firms…which helps them processing there trades nad managing portfolio for their clients. Thanks

Guys i’d really appreciate if u could go over this once and suggest any improvements Role: Internal Audit Consultant (Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd) Feb 2009 onwards Participated in the Annual Audit Plan of Operational and Financial Audit of all functions of the Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE). Planning and Executing the audit of Core Operations of the Exchange by understanding the system, documenting it, selecting samples, performing substantive testing, discussing the outcome and drafting reports to Head of Audit. These Core Operations includes Risk & Exposure Management, Clearing House & Settlement, Listing & Company Affairs, Market Surveillance and Ready Section. A brief outline of each function is given below: Risk & Exposure Management Department (REM Department) monitors all brokers exposures vis-à-vis the Trade Risk Filter (TRF) or any other method approved by the Management. REM is responsible for day-to-day monitoring of brokers exposures and issuance (and subsequent follow-up) of notices regarding receiving shares/cash for this purpose under the Regulations Governing Members Exposures and all other applicable Rules & Regulations, approved Procedures and/or notices pertaining to Exposure and Risk Management related issues. Also with the approval of the management the department is also responsible for suspending and squaring-up the positions of brokers, which violate any notice, issued by the REM department or have been notified in the past to the brokers. The main aim and objective of the Clearing House is to provide efficient operational services to all members and users related to National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL), Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC), Taxes & Charges, Activation & deactivation of broker membership, Inter Exchange Transactions, Off Market Transactions (Client to Client & Broker to Broker). The Clearing House is also responsible for the implementation and development required in the Clearing House Systems for any Futures/Derivatives Products. The Clearing House facilitates a smooth Clearing and Settlement of Members’ trading activities in the CDC & Non-CDC eligible Securities, Provisionally listed securities (IPO) & in any securities which are reflected in the Unified Trading & Exchange Regulations. The primary objective of the Market Surveillance Department is to monitor market activity and information aspects and help deal with anomalous issues that may arise including prevention of market manipulation by investors, thereby contributing to the order fairness, efficiency and transparency of the market. An additional objective of the Surveillance department is to fulfill market control functions which relate to the management and maintenance of trading elements in the ULTRA system such as: • Establishing parameters in trading • Operational efficiency and trouble shooting of the trading system and the Trade Work Stations (“TWS”) (collectively known as ULTRA) • Providing support to users of TWS both on LAN and WAN • Addition and deletion of trading symbols in all markets e.g. ready and future etc. • Creation and suspension of TWS users • Re-composition of the LSE indices • And maintaining a profile of remote users and their volumes. • Fulfilling internal and external data queries The objectives of Ready Section are to ensure that accurate and complete financial results received from listed companies/securities are expeditiously disseminated to LSE brokers through automated system after verification of authenticity and maintenance of data base of listed companies in the automated systems, generate periodical reports and inform market participants on inquiry. The objectives of Listing & Company Affairs department is to enable companies/offerers to list their securities on the Exchange and to deal with post-listing issues and enforce listing regulations and ensure compliance with Code of Corporate Governance(Pakistan). I reviewed compliance of these operations with their departmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Regulations imposed by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to ensure robust systems of control and smooth functioning. As these operations are integral to the effective functioning of the Exchange as a capital market, my responsibilities as an independent internal auditor involve maintaining a check and balance on these operations thereby contributing to fairness, efficiency and transparency of the capital market. My role is therefore paramount to investment decision making by aiding investor activity through • ensuring that the Exchange processes are efficient, effective and transparent • reduction in execution costs for brokers • preventing market manipulation and speculative bubbles that have potential in causing systematic risk

Nerd alert. LOS in your experience? WTF? Why not write it in vignette form? Perhaps throw in a nice little ethical challenge you faced?

I used Evernote when I studied for L2 and L3 and had every single LOS in its separate note. Now when doing the work experience, I’ll write up a description in a note in Evernote and it’s usually a good sign if it detects “related notes” that were designated for the various LOSs in my studies.

@chelseace There is a character limit which you will most certainly exceed with that. I submitted two sentences for 4 roles that I submitted and was approved. No need to go crazy with it.

The WE samples on CFAI are pretty short, only one-two sentences…

Hello guys! I’m a new comer in this forum. I’ve been working in Corporate Credit Dept of a bank. I hve a plan to work in Risk Management Division of the same/other banks where my job will be Stress Testiing, VaR calculation, Asset Liability management, etc. Can anybody tell me whether these roles will be counted as valid experience for cfa charterchip. I am a level 3 candidate. Thank u all.

Really… LOS? I mean, really…??? Just do this.

cut it short

my god this is insane hahaha!! I guess these people are the same that study 300h+ for the exam. Seriously just keep it simple, 2-3 bullet points max descirbing your job. Done.

It’s hard to imagine much practical value in giving advice to someone who posted five years ago.